Marketing Draft Monthly #001


Chris Eggleston

Hi All,

Welcome to 2024! I hope you’re excited about another new year that will be filled with new opportunities.

One of the changes I’ve decided to make in 2024 is to start sending out a monthly newsletter. This letter will provide strategy and insights into improving your marketing and business overall.

Because I’m constantly studying and researching ways to improve different aspects of sales and marketing, I’ve decided to share that information in real-time.

I  know your time is valuable and limited, so I plan to keep these emails short and precise.

You can always opt-out if you would rather not receive these letters, but I hope I can deliver some tangible and actionable value to help you take your business to the next level in 2024.

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Let’s get started with the first letter!

It’s a new year, but what really changes?

Chances are you’re still offering the same products and/or services, and your target market is the same. So, if things aren’t changing, how do you grow beyond the success you had last year?

You could add new products or services to your offering, you could try and do more events or webinars. However, the time required to create the products, fulfill the service, and put on the events could take months.

This could mean that your revenue is stagnating or stalled while you devote the time to “doing more”.

Instead, why not find more or better ways to market the products and services you already offer?

Here is the most straightforward strategy you can implore, written in two different ways.

One Channel – One Product – One Avatar

Create something once you can sell twice and build an audience by creating content to promote that product.

Let’s break this down a bit.

  1. One Channel – this is the primary way you plan on communicating with your audience (avatar). And maybe it’s the only way you communicate.

This would require knowing when your avatar is hanging out. Is this social media? Do they prefer a specific social platform? Do they want a direct approach like email? Are they hanging out on YouTube?

Once you identify your channel, you can start strategizing on how to communicate through that channel.

With most channels, you have two approaches: organic and paid.

I recommend doing both.

  1. One Product – this is offering a single solution to a single problem. We’ve all been the fat kid in a candy store with only enough cash to buy one candy bar. Too many options can be overwhelming.

When your ideal customer is overwhelmed, they usually give up and don’t buy anything.

If you have multiple offers or products, pick one to make your flagship and drive all your traffic to that single solution.

You can still offer upsells and downsells, but not until after they’ve opened their wallet and bought that flagship product.

  1. One Avatar – this is sticking with a specific type of buyer. Your product might fit multiple avatars, but you need to focus on one specific person so that you can speak directly to that person.

When you can have direct communication with a single person, your chances of converting that person will increase, but if they’re not sure if your solution is right for them, they will hesitate, and you’ll lose the sale.

People want to know they’re not wasting their time or money buying something that won’t get them where they want to be.


Here are three things you can do now to make improvements to how you market your offers and reach your audience.

  • Emails

Even if this isn’t your primary channel of communication, using email to stay top of mind is crucial.

Where I see most business owners fail at this is when they only use email to promote their next sale or their next big thing.

If you take time each month to reach out and share something beneficial and personal with your audience without expectation of anything, your promotional emails will be much more effective. Your customers will be eager to open all your emails and even more open to buying.

These emails don’t need to be long or even well thought out; send a personal message to let them know you’re thinking of them and their success.

  • Focus on Community

In so many instances, you can build a community by bringing like-minded people together in such a way that friendships are formed, and people within your community begin helping each other.

That peer support is often more impactful than the products you offer, but because you are the conduit of these connections, they will continue to look to you as the solution to their problems and will continue to count on you for support.

You can build these communities in Facebook Groups, on platforms like Discord, and there are others. Just keep in mind that you want to make it easy for your audience to be a part of. Some platforms are a bit more challenging to use than others.

  • Using AI

I was hesitant to put this one in here, but I think it is a powerful tool that can really help you explode in 2024.

Let me give you a real-world example of how I used AI last week to help me succeed.

My wife and I bought a car a few weeks ago, only to find out it had some issues. When we went to the dealer with the findings, they refused to even talk to me. For three weeks, I dealt with this. Then I took to social media and the Attorney General with my complaints.

In less than 24 hours, I got a call from the man in charge, wanting to meet so we could work out a solution.

This was going to be an essential negotiation, so I used an AI chatbot that was programmed for negotiation simulation.

This bot made me work for what I wanted and really prepared me for that meeting.

You can do the same thing with your marketing content. Feed it to a chatbot, explain your goals and who your avatar is, and then let the AI make suggestions and improvements to your ads, emails, funnel copy, social posts, and just about anything else.

Not sure how to use AI? Feel free to reach out to me, and we can strategize together!

AI is something I’ve been investing a lot of time and money into because I believe it is a game changer.

That wraps up my message for this month. 

Have a great month!

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